Grace Around the Corner

Location: Astoria, NY
Status: In Development

The Augustana Garden: What began as a simple backyard revitalization project is evolving into an exciting new feature for both the congregation and the community. Still in the early planning stages, Fused Studios is working toward creating new infrastructure that will support an edible schoolyards program for the parochial school.  Especially in urban centers where green spaces can be limited it's important to introduce opportunities for gardening and cultivation. Once completed, children from the neighborhood will have the unique experience of growing their own fruits and vegetables in new custom greenhouses and planting beds, learning about diet and nutrition, and how to prepare that food in a fully renovated kitchen. A larger vision for the rear yard will introduce new landscaping and pervious materials to better manage storm-water directly on-site.

Future Phases: Concurrent with the design of the Augustana Garden, we are analyzing the current facilities for optimized retrofit conditions that can be undertaken to significantly improve energy performance. These include new mechanical systems, lighting, higher R-value insulation, and better windows / doors.